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To Wake a Kingdom Spicy Sneak Peek

To Wake a Kingdom Spicy Sneak Peek

To Wake a Kingdom Spicy Sneak Peek

I slid my hands under his shirt, moaning at the feel of his fevered, muscled skin. After pulling it over his head, my mouth pressed to the center of his chest and I dragged my tongue down, tracing the carved lines of his stomach. My nails scratched the cut of the angled muscle that dipped under his waistband as I fell to my knees. His head tipped against the wall while I unlaced his pants and pulled out his erect cock. 

As I stroked him with my hand, he moaned. “Fuck. That feels amazing.” When I placed the tip of him into my mouth and sucked, I felt the exhale of his entire body shuddering in response. Slowly, I dragged my tongue up the back and then drew as much of him into my mouth as I could, his hips thrusting and his cock hitting the back of my throat.

He moaned as he drew out and slid back in, one hand gathering my hair at the back of my head. He gripped it tight, his dark eyes burning and his hips pumping.

“That’s it. Take it all like a good girl.”

He thrust again, letting out a rumble that shot straight to the dampness gathering between my thighs. As he used my mouth, I slid my hand between them, touching myself as the ache in my core grew bone-deep.

A moment later, Ronan pulled out of my mouth and drew me up. He flipped me around, my back against the wall as he pressed himself against me. “I’m going to fuck you against this wall,” he said, the rumbling growl of his voice making my thighs clench. “I’m going to make you come so hard you can’t breathe.”

My back arched as I whimpered out an unreserved agreement, his blazing kisses branding my throat and the tops of my breasts. A moment later, he discarded the rest of his clothing and crushed me against the wall with his lean, hard body.

Ripples of heat ignited, sparking in the air that surrounded us. I ached to feel him inside me. Grabbing the back of my thighs, he lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Being the opposite of careful, he thrust inside me, and I cried out. One hand wrapped around the back of my neck and his face buried in my hair, he said my name again and again as he drove his hips into me. I shivered as pulses raced over my skin and he filled the hollow chambers of my heart.

I hadn’t lost everything. I hadn’t lost this. 

My body pressed between his solid chest and the unforgiving wall, he thrust harder. Both of us clung to the knowledge we’d almost lost one another, and the heat was raw and edged in tendrils of smoldering flame.

“Harder,” I gasped, wanting to feel only him mining into the deepest reaches of my body. Behind me, the wall shuddered as I clutched at his shoulders, fingers digging into chiseled muscle. The entire inn could probably hear us, but I was too consumed to care. Moans escaped me as he planted searing, desperate kisses over every inch of my skin.

 “You make me feel whole,” he said between ragged gasps. “Like anything is possible.” His drives grew faster and more insistent, slamming into me with a ferocity that sliced and peeled away what had died inside of me.

A jumble of limbs and tongues, his hands gripped my thighs as I came in a glowing blaze of starlight, and he rocked into me again and again until he also tumbled into his release. A growl burst from his throat, the sound spearing me with lightning. 

We stayed that way for a few minutes after, clinging to one another. Our breaths were short and fevered, our eyes locked and foreheads pressed together. Pulling away from the wall, he dropped me on the bed and slid in next to me, cradling me against him. 


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